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"Some days we wish we never needed computers. But, we do and that makes our lives more efficient and enjoyable. Like any man made product, they will eventually break down. It's not a case of "IF" but "WHEN". And when your computer stop working, you'll need to call on a trusted computer servicer such as Spaulding Technology, LLC."

Whether you are a small business owner looking to outsource your ongoing I.T. support, or a home owner looking to utilize computer technology to enhance your life, Spaulding Technology will be delighted to help you. Our "B-M-R-G" objective (Build it Correctly - Manage it Consistently - Repair it Quickly - Grow Your Business ) can help you keep you personal or professional business running smoothly.​ Most services are performed with the industries most current tools and up to date practices which can be done at your home or place of business. And in some cases, it might even be performed​ though a secured remote control application over the internet without the need to physically be in front of your computers. That saves you time and money​​​​. You will experience quality services you'll expect which you could never receive from the neighbor's high school technology nerd looking to earn extra money. Or, your computer enthusiast buddy, or relative.​​

Repair servicers offered  by providers located in the corner of an electronic wearhouse have tarnishes the​​ computer service industry by offering solutions specifically​​ geared toward virus removal, software installation, part replacement, and computer sales. These service companies overlook services that are extremely important to achieve a secure trouble free computer network. ​If those glorified computer repair servicers fail to follow the "B-M-R-G" rule, they will cost you time and money.​ Spaulding Technology is different! By providing you with direct phone number​​, we'd prefer forming  a professional relationship with our customers. You'll feel good knowing that your computer professional is just a phone call away. Our coverage areas provide service and repair for the people of Chicago and the surrounding Northwest suburbs. Please, pick up the phone and call  us today so we can schedule service or answer your questions.​ ​​​​​​​


Christopher Spaulding

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